wal pawb

Wal Pawb is an annual commission of six artworks to be displayed across two Tri-Vision billboards within Tŷ Pawb.

The six new Wal Pawb artworks have been created by artist Alan Dunn. They are a “celebration of the hard working traders, community members and behind-the-scenes Tŷ Pawb staff.”

The six new designs have been developed over 12 months in collaboration with artists Natasha Borton and Meilir Tomos, Tŷ Pawb market traders, staff and visitors.

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Alan Dunn said, “I started visiting Tŷ Pawb in July 2021 wanting to explore a kind of post-Covid desire to celebrate food and a return to ‘real’ socialising. From then to the final work, I was privileged to work closely with artists Natasha Borton and Meilir Tomos and through them I met a staggering range of people across Wrexham, from Tŷ Pawb market traders, through staff and visitors. I was immediately taken by the energy and feistiness of the (then) Town which really reminded me of my birthplace Glasgow and Liverpool where I’ve lived for over 25 years – no strict lines between artists, musicians, poets or community activists. I wanted to capture all this in just four words and six photographs!

One day I was sat having a coffee from Curry on the Go and I overheard someone say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and the whole project fell into place – we’d all create FOUR SUPERWORDS of Welsh, English, Portuguese and Polish that cross-checked food, music, poetry and all those little Wrexham stories that only a few will recognise. We wanted the designs to be equally bold and monumental, like record sleeves and billboards for all the bands we love, with dramatic lighting, rockstar poses and our final three ‘Sgt Pepper’ style tableaux that celebrate hard working traders, community members and behind-the-scenes Tŷ Pawb staff.”



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