The new bin and recycling collection calendars for 2022-23 are now up on our website and they look a little different than they did last year.

We wanted to make them more accessible, so the calendars are now made up of three tables, with each table showing the bins and recycling we’ll be collecting on the specified dates.

The first table shows the dates we collect Refuse, Recycling and Food Waste, the second shows the dates we collect Garden Waste (if you’re signed up), Recycling and Food Waste, and the third shows the few winter dates when we just collect your Recycling and Food Waste.

Our new and improved bin and recycling collection calendars are available

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Environment, said: “We wanted to make the bin calendars easier for everyone to follow, so you will notice they look a bit different this time. You can view your calendar by visiting; it’s really simple way to see all your collection information quickly, and it will help to prevent you from missing out on any collections.”

Some things to note

  • Your collection day remains the same
  • Garden waste collections will be reduced during the winter months of December, January and February. Fortnightly collections resume again from March
  • There will be no collections on December 26 or 27 this year, although affected residents will be able to put extra recycling and food waste out the following week

Bin reminder alerts

You can also sign up for email alerts, which will be sent the day before your collection day to remind you to put your bin out and which bin to put out.

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