bin collections

As in previous years, we’ll continue to empty your bins and collect your recycling as normal over the Easter period.

So if your ‘bin day’ is usually Friday or Monday, we’ll still empty your bin as usual on Good Friday or Easter Monday…the bank holidays won’t affect anything.

Please park carefully – don’t stop our bin lorries getting through

At times, our wagons are struggling to get through to certain streets and properties, due to cars parked on the roadside. This sometimes means we’re unable to empty people’s bins.

You can help us by taking extra care when parking your vehicles on your collection day. We understand that not everyone has a drive or a garage, and these people rely on street parking.


But if you know that your bins are going to be collected, please have a look at your street to check there’s enough room for our large vehicles to safely perform their duties.

Remember, our wagons are heavy and wide, so our drivers need to be certain they can safely travel down a street and manoeuvre without causing any damage.

Thanks for your patience

We know it’s really important for all of us in Wrexham to get our bins emptied and have our recyclables collected on time, so thanks for continuing to be patient as we try to deal with any missed collections.

Our services are incredibly stretched at the moment, but we’re doing our best to deal with the issues we’re facing.

Thanks again for your support.

This is an incredibly challenging time for everyone in the UK, and our daily lives are being affected in all kinds of ways.

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