Working with young people in Wrexham

When people think about their council, they often think about bins and recycling, schools, social care and other high profile services.

But there are loads of things councils do that largely go unnoticed…really important stuff that helps individuals and communities.

Take our Youth Justice Service (YJS), which works to reduce the risk of young people offending…or re-offending.

In other words, it helps young people avoid taking the wrong path and getting into trouble…making mistakes that could affect (or even ruin) their lives…while helping communities remain safe and pleasant places to live.


The people who work in YJS do an amazing job. And that’s official.

An inspection published earlier this year rated the service as ‘outstanding’ in several areas.

The report said: “Staff are committed and enthusiastic. They know their young people well, and are creative in responding to their needs.”

Wrexham Council News

How YJS made a difference to a neighbourhood in Gwersyllt

Earlier this year one of our local communities was experiencing high levels of anti-social behaviour, with Gwersyllt Resource Centre being targeted.

Local people were concerned and the demand on police officers and PCSOs was high.

Some young people were banned from the youth club at the community centre, and some families were even at risk of losing their tenancy on their council home.

What did YJS do?

YJS arranged meetings with everyone involved, including the police, local people and councillors, nearby schools, parents and the young people themselves.

They gathered information and got everyone talking to each other…and came up with a plan to fix the problem.

What difference did it make?

Confidence was restored in the community…people could see that something was being done.

By stepping in early, YJS helped find a solution and made sure both the children and community got the right support.

One of the young people said afterwards: “I understand more about how my behaviour affects other people.”

And a member of staff from the local housing estate office said they saw youngsters in a “different light now.”

Read more about what happened in our previous blog article.

Worried about your child?

If you’re worried about your child – about the choices they’re making or what they’re getting up to – talk to someone who you trust at their school, or contact YJS.