Do you want to play a part in improving Wrexham?

What do you want Wrexham to be like for yourself, your family and future generations?

You now have the chance to make a difference, to have your say, to tell us how you’d like Wrexham to be in the future. Fill in the Our Wrexham, Our Future survey and the answers you give, alongside research and data will be used to create a well-being assessment and in the future to inform our well-being plan – and this plan will be used to help make changes and guide decisions over the next few years.

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The survey questions are being asked by the Public Services Board (PSB) – which is made up of public sector organisations. They focus on seven well-being goals to explore how you think Wales would become more prosperous, healthy and resilient. Take a look at the introduction to the survey to find out more about the PSB, the Well-being Goals and how you can tell us what matters to you.

To take part in the survey click here.

The survey can be answered between September 20 and November 1.

The results of the consultation will be available in January 2022, when you’ll have another chance to tell us what you think and then, in May 2022, the Well-Being Assessment will be published.

The following year we will use this information to produce a Well-being plan that we can take forward together. There will be lots of opportunities to get involved and have your say, so watch this space.

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