For parents, it has always been important to have constructive, supportive relationships whether with a partner, family or friends.

And having such relationships has never been as important as it is right now.

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If you are an expectant parent, a separated/separating parent experiencing high levels of conflict, or you need help to manage your stress, we have three free online courses that you can now access from home that give you the advice and support you may need.

These three parenting courses help you with the advice and support needed to strengthen your relationship in the home and manage conflict better, and to help if you are separating or separated to understand how conflict can affect your child.

To access these parenting courses click here. 

Residents of Wrexham have been given access to the courses by Welsh Government, so you will need to register to let them know where you are from. Registering is completely free and so are the courses.

Booking a Covid-19 vaccine appointment is now easier than ever.