The vision for a major regeneration masterplan, which aims to revitalise the Mold Road gateway into Wrexham, was announced by four key backers today.

Wrexham County Borough Council, the Welsh Government, Wrexham AFC and Wrexham Glyndŵr University today announced their vision behind the Wrexham Gateway Project – a large-scale civic and economic plan which aims to redevelop a large area near the Mold Road corridor, one of the major routes into the town.

The vision for the project is to provide vibrant regeneration to the area, creating a hub to support investment in business; support academic, housing and sporting infrastructure; and creating a valuable public space linking to Wrexham town centre.

Key elements of the project include the development of a large public transport interchange at Wrexham General Railway Station; the redevelopment of the Kop end of the Racecourse Stadium and the wider development of the Racecourse; the creation of a major, regionally important conference venue, and much more.

One of the key aims outlined within the vision is to regenerate the Kop end of the Racecourse Stadium, with the goal of providing a new stand to take capacity to more than 15,000 seats, and help realise the stadium’s potential as first-class destination at both regional and national level, and as a year-round, multi-functional stadium that is capable of hosting international standard sport.

The project also aims to improve active travel connections to Wrexham General, supporting the creating of an integrated travel hub and boosting employment opportunities – including improved bus and drop-off access, and improved pedestrian access.

The partnership’s masterplan will be discussed by members of Wrexham Council’s Executive Board on Tuesday, July 9, with a view to engaging with stakeholders if the vision is approved.

Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council, said: “We’re incredibly positive about the goals outlined within this new Mold Road corridor masterplan. This is an incredibly ambitious piece of work which will play a key part in the regeneration of Wrexham, and I’m very pleased to note that we have a number of strong key partners working alongside us to accomplish these aims.

“There are some fantastic potential projects set out within the masterplan, and we won’t be able to achieve them on our own – which is why, if approved at Executive Board, we will then engage with key stakeholders on the vision, and how they think we might reach these goals.”

Ian Bancroft, Chief Executive of Wrexham Council, said: “I’m very pleased to announce the vision of the Wrexham Gateway Partnership, which has the potential to bring millions of pounds worth of regeneration work into Wrexham.

“While ambitious, the goals set out within our vision can be realised through the partnership, with the plans combining a number of exciting key elements across business, academic, housing and sporting infrastructure.”

Professor Maria Hinfelaar, Vice-Chancellor of Wrexham Glyndŵr University, said: “The Mold Road regeneration will create a much improved gateway into Wrexham for residents, students and visitors. This feeds into our Campus 2025 strategy which is about the university and Wrexham as a whole for the future prosperity of the town.”

Ken Skates, Welsh Government Economy and Transport Minister, said: “The plans under development by the Wrexham Gateway Partnership aim to deliver transformational change on a local and regional level.

“There is much work ahead and together we have the opportunity to achieve improved connectivity within Wrexham and across the wider area as well as creating business premises which could drive strong economic growth.

“The plans also include proposals to develop the Racecourse Ground which would see the facility become a more active hub within the Wrexham community and provide it with the ability to attract more international events and the football club with a home which is fit for the future. The Wrexham Gateway Project is an ambitious and exciting development and one which I am keen to drive forward working collaboratively with our partners.”

Spencer Harris, Director of Wrexham AFC, said: “As well as being the home of Wrexham AFC, the Racecourse Ground is an asset of strategic importance for Wales. Along with our partners in this vision, we are extremely excited about this regeneration project including the potential to make the stadium a viable option for international events.

“As we are owned by a community benefit society, it is fitting that the aims of this project would return significant benefits to Wrexham and the region.”