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We’re looking at changing the tariffs at our town centre car parks.

We want to see what we can do to encourage more people to park in the town centre, and to give them the incentive to park in the town for longer.

In January, we upgraded our car parking machines to attract more people into the town, installing new machines which take Chip and Pin payment.


We’ve also had a lot of feedback from members of the public and town centre traders on what we could do to encourage more shoppers into town – with many asking that we offer 1 -3 hour parking at some of the largest car parks, extending it from the current 1 – 2 hour ticket.

A set of changes will be put to the council’s Executive Board tomorrow.

If approved by the Executive Board, the move would introduce a new range of streamlined charges, bringing all car parks across the town centre in line with one another in terms of price and times.

The proposal involves:

  • introducing a 1 – 3 hour parking tariff of £1.80 at all car parks, from Monday to Sunday.
  • a reduction in all-day charges at Waterworld and Crown Buildings between Monday and Friday to £3 from the current price of £4, and an equivalent reduction is six-month parking permits for Waterworld and Crown Buildings from £350 to £300.
  • an increase in all-day charges at Crescent Road to £2, and an equivalent increase from £168 to £200 for a six month parking permit.
  • an increase in the one-hour parking charge to £1, and an increase in the all-day car park charge in Ty Pawb to £2.50.
  • removing free after three parking at Ty Pawb and extending standard charges until its 7pm closing time
  • introducing a charge of £1 for parking between 6pm and midnight at Crescent Road.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “If approved, these new tariffs would bring all of our car parks in the town centre into line with one another, and arrangements would be more equitable across all car parks.

“It would also ensure that we have a parking pricing structure in place which reflects the demands for parking in the town centre, and will address the needs of residents, visitors and local businesses.

“The new 1 – 3 hour charge at £1.80 will allow shoppers to spend more time in the town, and the reduction in the all-day price at Waterworld, our largest car park, will allow them to stay for longer.”

And don’t forget – parking will be free at all council-owned town centre car parks across December, so get your Christmas shopping done in Wrexham!

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