Following from our Difficult Decisions consultation in the winter of last year, it was decided to end the music service run by our Education Department.

We know a lot of people disagreed with this decision – and it wasn’t an easy one to make.

But at the same time, we wanted to ensure that children didn’t lose the opportunity for future training and tutoring in music.

With that in mind, we’ve planned the start of a new Wrexham Music Co-operative, which will be launched in September.


Although no longer funded by Wrexham Council, our Education Department has worked hard to make sure there’s a new service in place.

It’ll be open to all pupils, however the council has made £50,000 in funding available for pupils receiving Free School Meals (FSM)

The new co-operative has already promoted the service within schools, with a number of headteachers already keen to have their schools join.

Group lesson packages will also be available, with prices starting from £4.50 per lesson, per pupil.

The co-operatives website is live at – and is already getting good feedback.

What’s available?

There’s a wide range of services offered under the co-operative, including:

  • The new Music Mania summer course, which is already on offer for August this year
  • Supply cover with music specialists for both primary and secondary schools
  • Music therapy
  • Foundation phase music programmes including “spoons” workshops and body percussion
  • Beat-boxing and DJ courses
  • Support for GCSE and ‘A’ Level music pupils
  • A full range of instruments on offer for pupils
  • A full time Wrexham administrator for Wrexham tutors, parents and schools

And many more.

Cllr Phil Wynn, Lead Member for Education, said: “As we said during the time of Difficult Decisions, none of the options we had available to us was an easy one, and none of them was a road we wanted to walk down, and this was true for the music service.

“But at the same time, while we were conscious of the need to make cuts, we also wanted to make sure that where elements of service could be preserved, we would do our best to make sure we could keep them going into the future, and the new music co-operative was planned with that in mind.”

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