Wrexham town centre

New spending on projects in Wrexham town centre and across the county borough will be outlined and decided upon by Wrexham Council next week.

The council’s total capital spend for 2016/17 covered a range of projects from schools to roads.

Members of the Executive Board will look at allocating some of last year’s reserve underspend to a wide variety of projects – including the purchase of new Christmas lights for Wrexham town centre, and investment in town centre improvements such as four new CCTV cameras.


“…careful financial management…”

Cllr Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council and Lead Member for Finance, Performance, Health and Safety and Governance, said: “Thanks to careful financial management and a decrease in costs for some capital projects, we as a council have further reserves to invest on improvements in the county borough.

“My Executive Board colleagues and I, in consultation with officers, have outlined those areas which we feel would benefit from further investment, which will include planned improvements to the town centre.

“…encourage more people to shop in the town…

Cllr Pritchard added: “We plan to carry out phased work in the town centre to continue to improve the environment in order to encourage more people to shop in the town.

“The initial plan is to focus on a single street and we would like to share our plans with local businesses to receive feedback and provide an opportunity to input ideas.

“The timescales for the work are still to be determined, but it is intended to complete works within this financial year.

“We know that there is a lot of good work ongoing in Wrexham town centre, and we want to do as much as we can as a council to support its continued regeneration, in line with the goals set out in the Town Centre Masterplan.”

The spending is identified in the Capital Programme for 2016/17 to 2020/21, which will be discussed at the next meeting of Wrexham Council’s Executive Board on Tuesday, July 11.

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