With 300,000 weddings in the UK every year there’s a huge market for confetti – and if it’s made from plastic or foil that’s a huge headache for the environment if it isn’t eco-friendly. It could also be a potential danger to wildlife and watercourses.

At the Guildhall here in Wrexham we marry about 120 couples every year and it really brightens up our day to hear the music from the ceremonies and catch occasional glimpses of the bride and groom.


Everyone loves confetti, and why not? It is part of the celebrations. But as we become more aware of our environment we’re asking everyone involved with a wedding this year – either as a guest or organising one – to think natural and buy natural confetti or ask your guests only to use natural products.

If you’re providing confetti for your guests or taking your own please check out where it’s come from and what it’s made from.

“Think of the environment when buying or providing confetti”

We recommend you use natural confetti made from flowers or herbs but if you don’t want to use this please don’t opt for plastic or foil.

There’s lots of ideas online for alternatives and we recommend you check them out.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for the Environment and Transport, said: “Weddings are very happy occasions and should be celebrated by everyone involved. However, in today’s modern world it’s clear that plastic and foil confetti is becoming popular and we’d like to ask that you think of the environment when buying or providing confetti. It’s a small consideration in the planning of a wedding but can go a long way to reducing our non compostable waste.

“We have recently declared a climate emergency and we know that lots of residents in Wrexham support this so please – think natural.”

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