Play Areas

Our children’s play areas and outdoor gyms are due to re open from tomorrow – Friday, July 24 2020.

All of these facilities were closed in March in line with the lockdown rules following the coronavirus outbreaks.

Please be aware that all buildings related to these sites will remain closed until further notice.

In line with welsh government lifting of restrictions there will be rules that must be adhered too for everyone’s safety, all of these will be sign posted around these facilities.


Please read this safety guidance if you plan to visit any our of play areas:-

If the play area facility you visit has not yet officially opened, please do not attempt to use, or access the equipment or area

Do not remove any temporary barriers to the play area or remove cable ties that may have been used to secure an entrance or equipment – this must be done safely by WCBC staff

Follow the current social distancing guidelines when visiting and encourage your children to do the same

If the play area is busy, consider coming back at a later time. Talk to your children about this possibility before you arrive to avoid disappointment

Wash your own and your children’s hands before and after visiting the play area. Take hand sanitiser with you and consider taking a bottle of water if your child’s hands get muddy

Follow and adhere to all current government advice in addition to the above guidance and pay attention to all information signage placed at the entrance gates.

The Lead member for the Environment and Transport, Councillor David A Bithell said: “Re-opening the play areas will be welcomed by parents particularly as the summer holidays are now upon us, however, I would urge everyone to be cautious and follow the guidelines in order to keep everyone safe.

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