Carbon Zero

Our Decarbonisation Plan was approved in May 2021 and an update on progress will be given to the Homes and Environment Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday 20 July.

The Plan focusses on four key themes (Buildings, Transport and Mobility, Land Use and Procurement) as well as some higher level actions which are key to our response to addressing the climate emergency.

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Officers have continued to work at pace to ensure we remain well placed to deliver our commitments as part of the Plan and also meet the national and regional challenges and targets set.

Whilst some of the work remains challenging due to gaps in available technology such as a ready supply of suitable replacements for fossil fuelled heavy goods vehicles and the legislation required to address such things as Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure on streets, there are some key activities and building blocks that have already started to ensure our structure, policies, strategies and services all consider the carbon impact – of our activity or our carbon impacts?

The amount of work associated with decarbonising our services and also acting as a lead to the broader decarbonisation aspirations for Wales has should not be underestimated.

However, there are some key activities and building blocks that we have already begun to develop that will ensure we are ready for change.

The report shows our progress against 5 points which are key to our ensuring we reach carbon zero with some additional updates provided in the appendices.

  • Working with partners
  • Carbon baselining, monitoring and evaluation
  • Council priority, governance and accountability
  • Elevating decarbonisation in our decision making, and evaluating impacts of Council decisions
  • Defining workstreams and detailed action plans for each of four themes

Cllr David A Bithell, Deputy Leader and Climate Champion, said, “We’ve made good progress with establishing the framework for achieving carbon zero by 2030. We’ve also installed EV charging points at several locations across the county borough and invested in ensuring our buildings are energy efficient.

“But there’s still hurdles to jump as we move forward and we will continue to work to improve and establish energy efficiencies in our working practices and plans.”

You can take a look at the report here and watch the Homes and Environment Scrutiny Committee here.

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