There have been a number of reminders this year about the importance of following planning rules, as local landowners and business people were issued fines in court for ignoring Enforcement Notices.

What are Planning Enforcement Notices?

They are legal documents, sent when development has taken place without planning permission or when development has taken place which departs from the planning permission given.  They require breaches to be remedied.

So, what has happened in Wrexham?

In the last few months, thousands of pounds has been paid in fines and fees by local landowners.  Wrexham Council’s Planning Service is highlighting the importance of complying with planning rules and Enforcement Notices.

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Among those fined, a person occupying land in Llwyneinion Woods paid a total of £744 after putting buildings on land without permission and creating unauthorised access to it from a classified road. While in Penley Woods, a business was being run from the woodland and Enforcement Notices were issued, but not complied with, and the business owner was ordered to pay a total on £1160.

The largest fine was issued to the owner of a Wrexham farm, after an area of hardstanding had been laid without planning permission. The landowner was also storing non-agricultural vehicles on agricultural land. These breaches led to a total fine of £2282.

Councillor Terry Evans, Lead Member for Planning and Public Protection, said: “We take failure to comply with planning rules and Enforcement Notices very seriously.

“Landowners should work closely with our Planning Officers before undertaking development to make sure they stay within the rules, which are there to protect the County Borough and its residents.”

David Fitzsimon, Chief Officer for Planning and Economy at Wrexham Council, said: “Planning regulations help to protect the environment and our communities and breaches are taken seriously. Officers will not hesitate to take enforcement action, including prosecution, where it is expedient to do so.”

“I would strongly recommend that landowners contact the Planning Service before undertaking any development. The Team can provide advice if you’re unsure whether your project will need planning permission.”

You can find out more on the council’s website.

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