From today, 24th September, all pubs in Wales must stop serving alcohol at 10pm. The new law allows 20 minutes for customers to finish their drinks but premises must close by 10.20pm.

The new laws also apply to off licenses and other licensed premises and makes it illegal to sell alcohol between 10pm and 6am however these premises may remain open to sell anything other than alcohol. For example, all supermarkets and food retailers who sell alcohol may continue to trade after 10pm but must not sell any alcohol.

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Other venues that have a license for example, cinemas and bowling alleys may also remain open beyond 10pm but sales of alcohol must stop at 10pm. Similarly, restaurants and cafes are not required to close but must stop selling alcohol at 10pm.

Cllr Hugh Jones said, “These new laws are designed to keep Wrexham and Wales safe and reduce the risk posed by large numbers of people drinking on a night out.

“It’s inevitable that regard for social distancing goes out of the window when people have had a few drinks so I sincerely hope these restrictions will eliminate risky behaviour. However, if it doesn’t and infections continue to rise, further restrictions will be inevitable.”

North Wales Police and Wrexham Council’s Licensing Officers will be supporting the trade with advice and will be monitoring compliance with the new laws over the coming nights.

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