Garden waste bin

We want to issue a reminder to residents who are signed up to the garden waste collection service that collections are going to be reduced again during the winter period of December, January and February.

Reducing the collections during these months frees up staff to help us deal with any issues caused by the cold weather, such as gritting routes or general maintenance.

Residents who are signed up to the garden waste collection service will still get at least one garden waste collection in each month from December-February. It’s advisable to check the bin calendars or sign up for our email alerts so you don’t miss any collections.

The usual fortnightly collections will then resume in March, when demand increases, ready for the spring season.

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Use the bin calendar to stay up to date

The new bin and recycling collection calendars for 2022-23 are now up on our website.

If you want to see your bin calendar for the next twelve months, just pop across to, scroll down and click on your calendar.

It’s a really simple way to see your collection information, and it can save you from missing bin collections.

Bin reminder alerts

If you don’t want to be checking your calendar every week you can sign up for email alerts instead, which will be sent the day before your collection day to remind you to put your bin out and which bin to put out.

Want these alerts? Just click the button below.