At Wrexham Council we pride ourselves on providing excellent quality, lifetime homes for our tenants. The work we do now, is like nothing we’ve done before. These properties are completely refurbished from top to bottom, including new kitchens and bathrooms, plastering, electrics, external works and more.

Previously, we were not in a financial position to offer new tenants a refurbished property and they were given it in whatever condition it was left in, with only work to make it safe being carried out before moving in. We have moved far from that now, exceeding the Welsh Housing Quality Standard. We are now signing new tenants up to ‘show home’ like properties which they can be proud of, and we can be proud of.

Steve, Joiner – Wrexham Council said “What can I say, the properties we used to give back were rough. We were just a repair service back in the day and would just be asked to patch up jobs to make do. I would be embarrassed to go in and do the jobs while the tenant was there, they always looked so disappointed that we were just ‘making do’, and they would feel like it was a mammoth task for them to decorate it to a reasonable standard. Back then, they would get a decorating allowance that barely covered the cost of paint for downstairs, when really the whole house needed more than just a lick of paint.

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Now though – it’s a complete transformation. The whole of the property is renewed from top to bottom and we’re now using our skills to their full potential, not just repairs. We’re actually providing people with homes they love and don’t have to do anything with. I personally feel proud when I see people’s reactions to their new properties, it makes me feel like the work we do is all worthwhile. The job satisfaction is immense. Now we’re multi-skilled operatives too, it means we’re so much more efficient and effective and we can offer a much more professional service.”

Claire, Rhos Estate Office – Wrexham Council said “I find it so much more satisfying now when I sign new tenants up, I am proud to hand over the keys.  When I did signs ups previously, I would find myself trying to convince tenants to look past the décor, and once they had decorated it, it would feel more homely.”

Miss Roberts, Wrexham Council Tenant said – “My new house is absolutely beautiful, it’s been completed to such a high standard, both inside and out. I feel very lucky to have been given such a lovely home that we can make our own. My local estate office has been absolutely amazing and have supported me every step of the way.”

The Superior end product that we offer now, through much needed investment into our housing stock, means that we are also reducing the cost of our responsive repairs and thereby reducing the disruption to our tenants too. We have also had the opportunity to offer trade apprenticeships and jobs to local people, helping our local economy, supporting our communities and making them places to be proud of.

Cllr David Griffiths said – “It’s great to see that the hard work and investment is paying off; job satisfaction, happy tenants and thriving communities.”

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