Garden waste bin

We want to remind residents signed up to the garden waste collection service that collections are going to be monthly again during the winter period of December, January and February.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We are reducing garden waste collections to monthly over the December, January and February period, as we have done for the past couple of years. We do this as demand for the collections drop sharply and it allows us to free up staff to help us deal with any issues caused by the winter, such as gritting routes or general maintenance.”

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Have you signed up for bin reminder alerts yet?

You can keep an eye on when to put your garden waste bins out during the winter months by signing up for our bin reminder alerts. You’ll get an email alert the day before they’re due to be collected to remind you. If you already receive these alerts, there’s no need for you to change anything.

You can also view information about your bin collections on My Account. It’s very easy to register and then you just need to click Services> Waste and Recycling> Check your bin day. Here, you can download and print our up-to-date bin calendars.

Make sure you’re receiving the correct alerts

You can stay on top of when your garden bins should go out by receiving our bin reminder emails, but please check that the person who puts the bins out for your house is set up to receive the correct alerts from us. If their email address isn’t the one that was used when you signed up for the garden waste collection, all you need to do is complete our simple check your bin day form.

You only need to enter your postcode, address and email address and hit submit, doing this will automatically update our email reminder system and ensure you get the correct reminder.

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