Reminder on criteria regarding schools and children of key workers

We would like to issue an important reminder around the limited circumstances in which children of key workers and vulnerable learners are able to attend school for face-to-face education.

What is the criteria?

As it stands face-to-face learning in schools has been suspended by Welsh Government, apart for the children of critical workers and vulnerable learners if the following criteria is met.

Currently, the guidance states that children of key workers should ONLY attend school if there is absolutely no safe alternative, and ONLY on days when their parent or parents are working.

You can view the Welsh Government guidance on schools here.

Until there is a significant reduction in infection rates this guidance is very unlikely to change.

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“Keep our communities safe”

Cllr Phil Wynn, Lead Member for Education, said: “Only parents and carers, who are critical to the Covid-19 response or who work in key sectors such as social care and health should be using the schools, but absolutely only when there is no other safe alternative. We’ve all seen the recent transmission figures in Wrexham and we need to do everything we possibly can to keep our communities safe.”

“Respect the rules”

Karen Evans, Chief Officer for Education and Early Intervention, said: “In the interests of ensuring everyone’s safety, it’s important that the only ones accessing the provision are those who really need it. Everyone who can stay home has to stay home. Please respect the rules.

“It’s really important that those who need the places do everything they can as well, like not car sharing outside of their household, or arranging after school play dates with other children. These are all against the rules and if you do any of these things you are putting your family and others at risk. If everyone does what they can, this will help to reduce transmission and help our schools to reopen sooner.”

Cllr Wynn added: “We understand and sympathise with how difficult home-schooling has been for so many families across Wrexham, but it’s so important that we all follow the Welsh Government guidance to keep everyone safe.”


For advice on home-schooling, including a list of useful resources, take a look at this blog article:

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Welsh Government guidance states:

One critical worker does not necessarily mean children are entitled to a place at school, and that if children can be safely cared for at home they should be.

Difficulties with balancing home-learning and working from home is not a reason to access the provision unless the person working from home is a critical worker and is unable to safely care for the child.

If capacity is reached, based on the school’s risk assessment, certain children may be prioritised for provision based on parental occupation.

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