The Food Feast comes to Wrexham on 24 and 25 September. It takes place on Waterworld car park and this car park will be closed to the public between 23 and 25 September. You can read more about that here.

On 25 September the Guildhall car park will also be closed to support the large music event taking place on that date. The Out of Focus event, which is part of the award of city status celebrations, was postponed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. You can read more about that here.

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There are alternative car parks that will be available:

  • Crescent Road
  • The Library
  • Market Street
  • Tŷ Pawb
  • St George’s Crescent
  • St George’s Crescent South
  • St Giles
  • Tŷ Pawb

All are free after 11 am except Tŷ Pawb which will be free all day..

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