Louise Strachan and Sheila Rodenhurst, both from Penley, will take part in the Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday, April 22.

Both will be running for the Multiple Sclerosis Society – Louise’s son Ryan and Sheila’s son Gareth both suffer from the condition.

The duo have already taken part in a number of 10k races as part of their training, and held a slew of fundraising events to help them reach their combined £4000 target – and also have their sights set on the Wrexham Half Marathon.


The duo have to raise £2000 each as part of their fundraising drive for the marathon, and to date have raised a combined £2,200 through a series of events such as coffee mornings, car boot sales, Christmas fetes, car washes and breakfast meetings.

Last week, the duo also received a donation from Cllr John Pritchard, the Mayor of Wrexham.

They’ve also organised further events including a quiz night, fashion show and raffle – but know their training for the marathon will take up more of their time as the date nears, and as such are seeking donations to help them hit their target.

“First time we’ve taken on a marathon”

Ms Strachan said: “We’ve each been fundraising for the MS Society for some time now, but this will be the first time we’ve taken on a marathon!

“We’re so pleased to have got this opportunity – the London Marathon attracts a lot of publicity in and of itself and we’ll be among about 300 people taking part in the race on behalf of the MS society.

“We hope that we can raise as much money as possible through this, and help the MS Society push for more treatment opportunities, research and support for those going through what can be a painful, frustrating and tiring condition.”

She added: “We both work for Penley Rainbow centre, who have supported us by allowing full use of the facilities.”

Ms Rodenhurst said: “As well as living in the same area and working together, Louise and I have been fundraising together for the MS Society for some time as our sons suffer due to it.

“We’ve received an awful lot of support from Penley and Overton throughout our fundraising careers and we’re incredibly grateful for that support – but we’re hopeful that now we’re undertaking something as big as the London Marathon, we can push our publicity and fundraising even further.

“We started running in March last year just as a way of keeping fir and spending time with some like-minded people – and in a moment of madness, we decided to apply for the London Marathon to see if we’d get a place.”

“Louise and Sheila passionate and well-informed MS campaigners”

Cllr John Pritchard, the Mayor of Wrexham, said: “I was very pleased to be able to meet Louise and Sheila and welcome to the Mayor’s Parlour last week, and I hope the donation I presented to them is one among many which will help them hit their target.

“Both are clearly passionate and well-informed advocates of MS support, and I wish them every luck on the London Marathon on April 22.”

For more information or to donate, visit https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Team/SheilaLou or https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/LouiseStrachan666

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