Council Tax

We’ve had some new reports of people receiving text messages or phone calls which offer them a refund on their Council Tax.

“They’re scams!”

These are familiar scams and we must re-iterate that they aren’t genuine.

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We know anything telling you that you might have paid too much Council Tax might seem very attractive, and it can be very tempting to follow such messages up or give information over the telephone and see where they lead.

A member of the public clicked on the link within the text message and they were taken to what looked like the Wrexham Council website. They were then asked for their bank details.

Simply put – we don’t send text messages about Council Tax refunds or make phone calls to residents about their Council Tax.

So you can be assured that any text message or telephone call telling you you’ve paid too much in Council Tax is dodgy.

As with any scam, bear in mind some simple rules…

Don’t click on any links, never give any details – such as passwords or bank account numbers – and remember that you’re within your rights to ignore any suspicious messages. If you are contacted by telephone do not give or confirm any details. Instead, tell them you’ll call the helpline number below to check out the details.

“But what if I think I am in credit?”

If you think you might be in credit on your Council Tax account, there’s a very simple way to find out.

Just call up our finance helpline on 01978 298992 or e-mail

They’ll be very happy to check your account and give you any help you need.

Stay safe and please stay scam aware.

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