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If your children enjoy school meals, here’s a handy tip…

If you’re fed-up of having to look for the menu online, or struggle to keep track of that elusive paper copy (!), we can email it straight to your inbox.

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll receive the menu every Sunday at 3:30pm…so you can see what our schools are serving up over the coming week.

There are three menus – ‘week one’, ‘week two’ and ‘week three’ – which we repeat on a three-week cycle.

After each school holiday the first week back will always be the ‘week one’ menu.

Good stuff

We provide a good range of meal choices in our schools.

For your peace of mind your child’s meals will provide them with lots of nutrition, covering a range of food groups, and fit with the standards set for the whole of Wales.

Good stuff for growing children 🙂

As any parent knows, it can be a challenge providing food that kids enjoy, while also promoting good eating habits.

But our catering staff do a great job finding the balance, and we also provide daily vegetarian options that prove really popular.

Why not sign up to get menus emailed straight to your inbox…and see what we’re serving up?