School Transport

Schools in Wrexham will re-open on different days after the Christmas / New Year break and if your child uses school transport you should have been informed of this by the school or via their social media communications. 

The information is based on what ‘should happen’, however it may be subject to change due to Covid-19 and any additional guidelines or changes to lockdown rules that the Welsh Assembly Government may announce.

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There may also be issues which may affect staffing levels at the schools, pupil attendance and if pupils travel with a school escort their availability and the availability of the operator’s drivers may also be affected.  So please check the pupils School Website prior to the return in January 2021 to see if there are any updates, messages or changes to the start date.

Please keep the Transport Section up to date with any relevant transport issues you have via the email which will be monitored over the Christmas and New Year break.

You should include any relevant changes a pupil’s return date to school – pupil’s name, school attended and any information which will help to ensure appropriate transport arrangements are in place.

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