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The summer holidays are approaching. Which means children with bundles of energy… which they need to release somehow. They need to run, they need to play, they need to… tire themselves out!

But how?

Well, there’s a whole day’s worth of fun to be had at one local park. Probably more than a day’s worth to be honest…

But you’ll need to come prepared. A football, tennis racquets and balls, a basketball, table tennis bats and balls. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which…

Here’s how they can run themselves ragged at Bellevue Park.


Find their inner Federer

Perhaps the crown gems of Bellevue Park are the recently refurbished tennis courts. There are five, so you would be unlucky not to find an unoccupied one and they’re free to the public.

So if you have a budding Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal or Serena Williams in your family they’ll have a whale of a time. So serve them up a treat… no apologies for the pun!

I need a smaller racquet

Hiding around the side of the tennis courts is a free to use table tennis table. If they haven’t quite mastered tennis just yet, this can be a good way to start. See how long you can rally with them for.

Set a target and see if you can beat it.

World Cup fever

Ah, the beautiful game! Let them become their heroes on the full-sized football pitch. Ronaldo versus Messi? Or son or daughter versus dad or mum? It doesn’t matter – you make the rules! Local club matches sometimes take place at weekends, but they’re more than welcome to watch.

Help them improve their skills and get fit at the same time. Everyone’s a winner… well technically only one team can win, unless it’s a draw… you know what we mean.

Make it a slam dunk too?

If you fancy some hang time, have a game of basketball while you’re there. There’s a basketball court/5-a-side pitch next to the tennis courts, so if your kids are more Michael Jordan than Michael Owen this could be a good option.

Whatever you choose to do there’s plenty of entertainment for them at Bellevue Park.
What’s more, events and activities for all ages are organised throughout the year.

Find our more on the main Wrexham Council website.

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