Caru cymru

The Senedd Yr Ifanc has been working on their priority of “Our Environment” following a vote last year by young people across Wrexham.


The Senedd’s next step was to find out which area of our environment they should work on and identified 6 areas where Climate Change can be reduced:

Protecting Nature e.g. Ensure long term survival of Green Spaces and National Parks, Discouraging the use of pesticides,  Exploring river management.

Recycling e.g. Ensure plastic metal, glass, paper and food are recycled correctly, Encourage the purchase of reusable products.

Transport e.g. Reducing the use of petrol and diesel vehicles, Encourage the use of public transport, car sharing, cycling and walking. (During Covid 19 – in guidance with Government advice).

Housing and Buildings e.g. Encourage Wrexham County Borough Council to ensure their buildings are energy sufficient, promoting – reducing Carbon footprints.

Sources of Food e.g. Encouraging consumption of locally grown produce, showing global benefits.

Energy Sources e.g. Exploring alternative and renewable possibilities of energy sources such as Nuclear Power or Wind Power, Reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Protecting Nature came out on top and young people across Wrexham will now be asked which area under ‘Protecting Nature’ they want to work on.

Look out for their poll at the beginning of October which will be asking for votes on:

  1. Green Spaces
  2. Tree and Wild Flower Planting
  3. River Management
  4. Crops and Pesticides
  5. Preserving Life
  6. Clean Up
  7. Conserving Nature

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Young people are very aware of their environment and as it’s such a wide ranging topic concentrating on just one is a very sensible way forward. By giving it all their attention they’re likely to see results and I look forward to seeing how they will be doing this in the coming months and how it will complement the work we will be doing since the we declared a climate emergency last year.”

Alex Pengelly Vice Chair of the Senedd Yr Ifanc, said: “Protecting Nature is a really important issue that we should all care about. There’s lots we can do to help and I know that young people across Wrexham will all be willing to support the Senedd Yr Ifanc with this work. Its everyone’s responsibilities to Protect Nature’’. 

You can read more about the decision to declare a climate emergency here:

Y Cyngor yn nodi’r hyn sydd angen ei wneud yn yr Argyfwng Hinsawdd

Council sets out what needs to be done under Climate Emergency

The Senedd yr Ifanc is Wrexham’s Youth Parliament working with young people aged 11-25 on local and national issues.

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