Executive Board

Executive Board meets tomorrow morning at 10am and they have several items to discuss.

First up is the Regional Partnership Board (RPB) Annual Report 2020/21 and members will receive the report that outlines the work undertaken by the partners throughout the year which of course includes the extraordinary efforts of everyone involved in delivering services during the pandemic.

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The RPB is made up of local authorities and partner organisations who work together to  improve the wellbeing of people and communities across N.Wales as required under the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014.

Members of Executive Board will be asked to note the progress of the RPB over the last 12 months.

You can take a look at the annual report here.

Next members will be asked to approve the Social Services Annual Directors Report for 2020/21.

The annual report is a legal requirement and must reference both Adult Social Care and Children’s Social Care. The report includes a review of performance and an update on the improvement priorities set for that year. It also sets out the areas of improvement for the following year (2021/22).

Members will then be asked to approve another 5 year additional licensing scheme for Homes Multiple Occupation (HOMs) following a recent consultation undertaken.

The additional licensing scheme aims to improve housing conditions and management standards in HMO’s throughout Wrexham.

Whether to grant a 25 year lease to Rhostyllen Football Club will also be considered at the meeting.

The lease will be for land off Vicarage Road which is currently managed by our Environment and Technical Department.

If the lease is agreed the football club will then be able to obtain funding and secure access to various funding streams in order to improve the facilities within the area for the benefit of the club and local community.

Executive Board meets online tomorrow morning at 10am and you can watch online here or view the webcast at a more convenient time.

You can take a look at the Agenda here.

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