It’s very important that we know how we’re doing when it comes to social care.

When people think about the council and what we do, they often think about the really visible stuff – things like emptying bins, fixing potholes, schools and lots of other services that touch our day-to-day lives, and are tangible across communities.

But our Social Services work is a great example of the less obvious stuff. They’re services that are less visible to people who don’t need them – but make a massive difference to the
people who do.


Our social care teams do a lot of very important work – a lot of the things they help people with are complicated and difficult. They help people with major life challenges, while also having to deal with constantly shifting demographics and resources.

But they continue to make a difference to lives throughout the Wrexham County Borough, and take on board the views and experiences of those they help.

With the above in mind, each year our Director of Social Care has to create a report reviewing the services.

The report is an annual review of everything we’re doing across the board in terms of Social Services – both for children and adults.

Part of the report looks into the views of those in care and their carers, taking a look at a number of surveys which we’ve put to key groups during the last year.

The report is also there to measure the performance of our services, when set against six different outcomes outlined in the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act (2014).

These are:

  1. Working with people to define and co-produce personal well-being outcomes
    that people wish to achieve.
  2. Working with people and partners to protect and promote people’s physical and
    mental health and emotional well-being.
  3. Protecting and safeguarding people from abuse, neglect or harm.
  4. Encouraging and supporting people to learn, develop and participate in society.
  5. Supporting people to develop safely and to maintain healthy domestic, family
    and personal Relationships.
  6. Working with and supporting people to achieve greater economic well-being,
    have a social life and live in suitable accommodation that meets their needs.

As well as putting the report together, it’s also open to discussion by councillors to make sure they’re aware of how our services are operating, and can comment or suggest any changes they feel need making.

The report went to scrutiny committee last week, and will now go before our Executive Board.

Members on our Executive Board will look at the Director’s Report at their next meeting on Tuesday, July 9 – you’ll be able to follow the live webcast here.

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