Bonfire Night

It’s almost bonfire night and we’ve put together some simple yet sensible advice to help keep you and your little ones safe and we hope you’ll take a moment to read through them.


You’ve probably heard most of them before but it never hurts to remind ourselves of what we should be doing – just in case…..

NEVER pour petrol, paraffin or meths onto a fire. Use firelighters.

Don’t buy fireworks from dodgy dealers – either on the internet or from social media. Always use a reputable supplier.

Remember that fireworks are explosive devices that have to be sold under licensed conditions to ensure they are safe. Treat them with respect.

We’d always advise that instead of buying your own fireworks and the risks associated with it why not go to an organised display? The fireworks are usually much more spectacular and you don’t have the worry of making sure they go off safely.

If you are using your own fireworks always make sure you use a torch to read the instructions and see what you are doing.

Don’t pick up used fireworks or sparklers – they’re likely to be very hot and can cause nasty burns. Sparklers burn at temperatures as high as a welding torch so always use gloves and take particular care with children.

Keep a bucket of water handy in case of accident and if you have a garden hose make sure it can be quickly turned on if needed. You can use it to put the fire out when you’re finished.

Avoid loose clothing and tie back long hair.

Let your neighbours know what you’re doing and at what time so they can be prepared. Never set them off after midnight on November 5.

Keep all your pets inside and if you’re concerned about any of them speak to your vet before Bonfire Night and follow his advice.

If you’re in rural areas please let any horse/livestock owners know what time you will be setting your fireworks off so they can prepare their animals.

Please remember that if your display causes harm or damage you could have serious legal liability.

As long as everyone follows the right safety procedures and remembers that fireworks are dangerous if misused a good and safe time can be enjoyed by everyone.

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