We want to remind residents to sort their different waste materials before visiting the recycling centres to avoid misplacing items in the wrong bays.

We’ve recently seen an increase in recyclable materials being incorrectly deposited in the general waste skip at the sites, which is affecting our recycling rate.

Anyone who is misplacing materials in the wrong bays will be challenged on this, and anyone who is deliberately not recycling may be refused entry to the sites.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in recyclable materials being deposited in the general waste skip, which is affecting our recycling rate in Wrexham.

“With Covid-19 measures in place it’s much harder for us to remove any recyclables that have been misplaced, so please spend some time sorting your different materials ahead of your visit. We’re prepared to turn away anyone who is deliberately not recycling at the sites, so please avoid a potentially awkward conversation by putting your materials in the correct bays.”

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Black bags are causing a problem

It’s especially important that any black bags potentially containing recyclables don’t get dumped into the general waste skip.

Due to safety measures, our operatives can’t open bags to check for any recyclable materials, so we need you to make sure any bags you take don’t contain anything that can be recycled.

Cllr Bithell added: “Please don’t bring any rubbish bags to the recycling centres which contain recyclable materials under any circumstances. If you take any black bags to the recycling centres, please make sure any bottles, cans etc. mistakenly placed inside have been removed and are either put in your kerbside recycling or in the respective recycling banks at the recycling centre. We’re doing our best to keep everyone safe, but we need you to play your part as well. Thanks.”

Speed up your visit

Simply put, if you arrive with your materials unsorted, you will be on the site for much longer as this will really slow your visit down.

If the materials have been pre-sorted you’ll have them ready to deposit straight into the correct bays. It’s a much smoother process when everyone does this.

Full rules re-cap

As a reminder, here is the full list of rules we have in place at the recycling centres:

• Don’t go to the sites if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19, or is ‘shielding’ because of an underlying health condition.
• Only bring household waste. Don’t bring commercial or business waste.
• Please bring proof that you live in the county borough (e.g. a utility bill with your address on it). The sites are for Wrexham residents only. If you don’t have proof, you won’t be allowed to tip your rubbish.
• Be patient if you have to queue. A maximum of five vehicles will be allowed on site at any one time.
• Make sure only one person steps outside your vehicle to unload it, and that they stick to social distancing. Note that children should stay in the car at all times, and no pets are permitted on site.
• Don’t bring items that are too big or heavy to handle yourself. Our site attendants won’t be able to help you unload your car or dispose of your waste.
• Sort your waste before you arrive (so you’re quicker).
• Be polite. Aggressive behaviour towards staff won’t be tolerated. Site attendants will be equipped with body cameras, and any instances will be reported to the police.
• Don’t touch your face on-site, and bring your own sanitiser if you can (clean your hands with sanitiser before you drive away).

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