Guardians Of Grub Food Waste Recycling

In May this year, WRAP launched its Guardians Of Grub food waste reduction campaign which aims to tackle the £3 billion of food that gets thrown away at hospitality and food service outlets.

Now that we’re into September, WRAP is continuing this message by asking businesses to Stand Up For Food and join forces to save our planet from the problem of food waste.


Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said, “We encourage all Wrexham food outlets and businesses to look into WRAP’s Guardians Of Grub national campaign, which gives advice on how they can prevent food waste. With September being Stand Up For Food month too, it’s the perfect time to get involved.”

This video by WRAP shows how bosses, waiters, chefs, kitchen porters and more can play a part in preventing food waste.

It’s a clear message for businesses to take on board, but it’s one that can be added to our home lives too. Some food waste is inevitable – bones, peelings or tea bags for example -and we’re getting much better in Wrexham at recycling these in our food caddies.

But can we perhaps do better with some of the other things? If you constantly have uneaten fruit or vegetables, perhaps you’re buying too much in the first place. Or could you freeze the extra vegetables to use at a later date?

Only buying the amount you need is a great way we can all cut down on our own food waste and have a cheaper shopping bill in the process 🙂

Cllr Bithell adds, “In Wrexham, more people are starting to recycle their food waste, which is fantastic news. With free caddies and caddy liners available, people are starting to get on board with recycling their food waste.”

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