Roll up!! Roll up! See Stuffed, Pickled and Pinned, the wonderful natural history touring exhibition brought to you by the museums of Wales and on show in Wrexham Museum!

Rare curiosities from all four corners of the globe are highlights in this show. When you call in at the museum, you will be able to:

  • Marvel at the rare Antipodean marsupial, the duck-billed platypus
  • Wonder at the desiccated remains of the poisonous porcupine fish, found in the tropical waters of Africa, Asia and the Americas
  • Encounter the rare pine marten as its savages its prey in the Caledonian pine forests
  • and ponder on mortality when looking at the mummified cat and the partly dissected rabbit.


The exhibition includes such mysteries and phenomena of the natural world as ossicles, bezoars, baleen, a well-travelled chihuahua and the rostrum of a saw fish.

Those visitors who prefer the artistic can enjoy the measured drawings of Charles Tunnicliffe, one of Britain’s most renowned and prolific natural history artists. His works appeared in many of the 20th century guides to the fauna and flora, not least the famous Ladybird Books.

Councillor Hugh Jones, Deputy Leader of the Council, said “The Stuffed, Pickled and Pinned exhibition is the result of collaboration of nineteen museums from across Wales including ours in Wrexham. Few museums in Wales have their own natural history collections, yet by coming together they have provided a show that will be accessible to visitors of all ages throughout the country.

“I would like to thank Oriel Môn and Anglesey County Council for lending the additional drawings by Charles Tunnicliffe. I would also like to acknowledge the support of Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery and Powys County Council for the loan of Adelina Patti, the opera star’s pet Chihuahua, Rigi.”

Stuffed, Pickled and Pinned is on show at Wrexham Museum until April 6.

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