Supported Lodging

Supported Lodgings Service within Wrexham are looking for new hosts to provide much needed placements for our young people aged 16 – 21 who cannot live at home but who are not yet ready to live on their own.

The service aims to bridge the gap to independent living for young people and it gives young people the chance to develop the practical skills and provide the emotional stability they will need to make the transition to adulthood and make a success of living independently.

They need more hosts to who have are able to provide rooms in their own homes and offer the support, encouragement and guidance they will need to help them to develop the skills and confidence to live independently.


They’re looking for hosts from all walks of life and from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Our young people also come from diverse backgrounds and it is important that this is reflected in the lodgings that are available.

In return you will receive:

• 24 hour support
• £140 per week for every young person you are able to provide lodgings for
• Access to training

Cllr Andrew Atkinson, Lead Member for Children’s Services, said: “This is a great service that relies on great people to come forward to offer a room, advice and support to these young people. It’s an opportunity to help young people who may otherwise be in unsuitable accommodation. Our young people deserve the best we can provide so please consider giving the team a call to find out more.”

“Supported Lodgings Service has been a very positive experience”

Leah McDaniel, who has been a host since last summer has told us about her experience. She said: “It’s been a very positive experience and it’s been brilliant to be able to support them become adults and to walk with them as they learn new skills.

“I also have a six year old child who has now got to know the young person and loves being in their company and learning about them as a person.

“There have been challenges such as helping with emotions to handle new situations but we have been able to support and help them to make the right choices going forward so it has been very worthwhile.

“If you can open your home and provide a safe place where they can learn to be independent and prepare to go out into the world I would absolutely say do it.”

Think you could help the Supported Lodgings Service?

Then contact them now on 07880 595455 or via email to

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