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If you’ve been assessed as needing help with day-to-day living by a social worker, did you know you can put in place your own support to suit your lifestyle?

With Direct Payments, instead of receiving care from social services, you’re given the money to set up services yourself.

This can give you greater control over who helps you and in what way. For example, you could recruit your own personal assistant or carer, and decide what hours they visit you.

Although the scheme has been running for a long time, Wrexham Council now has a dedicated in-house team to help you learn about and apply for Direct Payments.

You can find out more on the council website.

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Get in touch

Councillor John Pritchard, Wrexham Council’s Lead Member for Adult Social Care, says:

“Our new team is eager to hear from anyone interested in Direct Payments.

“The scheme can be a good option for many people – it puts you in control, and allows you to make arrangements that suit your needs and fit in with your lifestyle.

“It might sound complicated, but it really isn’t – our team can provide all the help and support you need. So if you want to know more, please get in touch.”