Plastic Recycling Single-use

There’s no getting around it, single-use plastics are a big issue.

And when we say single-use plastics, we mean the hard-to-recycle stuff that tends to get used once, and then thrown away.

To see how much you already know about them, and to help you understand a little bit more, why not take our quiz?

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So how did you get on? It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get 5/5 straight away – the important thing is that you want to learn and get better at recycling 🙂

One of the main ways you can get better at recycling is by cutting out single-use plastic and using biodegradable or re-usable options as much as possible.

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Quiz answers

1) All of them 2) Food waste caddy 3) 1205 tonnes 4) 725,000 5) Around 50%