Battery recycling

The first thing you’ll probably do is to replace them with new ones, but then what do you do with your old ones?

If you’ve got an empty plastic bottle, glass jar or cardboard box you’ll know how you can recycle it, but you should know there’s plenty of ways you can recycle your used batteries too 🙂


Firstly, you can recycle your batteries at any of our three Household Recycling Centres. Our recycling centres are at:

Bryn Lane, Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wynnstay Bank, Plas Madoc
The Lodge, Brymbo

And it’s not just the batteries from your remote control you can recycle…all three recycling centres have the facility to recycle ALL TYPES of batteries, even car batteries 🙂

However, if it’s just your everyday household batteries you’re looking to recycle, and if it’s more convenient for you, you should have the option to recycle them at a local shop too.

That’s because since February 2010, shops who sell more than 32kg of batteries a year (approx. 345 x four-packs of AA batteries) have to provide battery recycling facilities in-store…so all the larger supermarkets and retailers provide these.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport said: “Batteries are something you’re probably not changing very often, but when you do, it’s important to know that you can recycle your old ones at any of our recycling centres…plus a large number of shops also have battery recycling facilities too.”

So whether it’s AA’s, AAA’s, round ones, lithium ones or any type of battery, there’s always a much better option for them than your black bin 🙂

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