Booster jab appointments are being offered by letter to eligible people across North Wales and it’s really important that you don’t delay in accepting your appointment when its sent.

Why do I need a booster?

Like other vaccines the levels of protection can begin to wane over time. By having the booster dose you will be extending the protection you gained from your first two doses giving you longer term protection.

And most importantly it helps to reduce the risk of you needing admission to hospital due to Covid-19 infection this winter.

Work in social care and be the lifeline your community needs.

How do we know it works?

There is evidence from a programme in Israel, that started earlier this year, that gives a strong indication that those who received the booster jab had a lower rate of severe illness compared to those who hadn’t received the booster.

There was also a lower rate of confirmed infections in the booster group than in those who didn’t receive it.

What we should all remember is that although life is far more normal than it was, the pandemic is still with us, people are still testing positive and unfortunately, are still dying after testing positive for Covid-19.

Gill Harris, Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery at BCUHB, said: “Rates of COVID-19 are still at worryingly high levels and the NHS in Wales is entering its most challenging period of the pandemic.

“Getting a booster jab is a really important part of making sure we protect as many people in our communities as possible as we head into the winter months, and in turn our vital NHS services.”!

Please help keep North Wales safe and protect the NHS this winter by:

Can I have the flu and booster at the same time?

Yes it’s safe to have both at the same time or close together. Please don’t delay accepting when you are offered either dose.

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