The North Wales Regional Partnership boards innovative scheme to provide iPads for care home residents have arrived in Wrexham.

The iPads will help residents to keep in touch with friends and family while visits are restricted during the coronavirus outbreak.


The iPads have been distributed across a number of care homes in the Wrexham area, with even more to come.

Take a look at this fantastic feedback from some of the care homes that have received their delivery of an iPad…

Gary, Manager at Ashgrove Care Home in Gresford said, “Thank you very much for letting us have an iPad, our residents are FaceTiming their relatives and we were able to use the iPad to celebrate the recent VE day.”

Sue Barton, Manager at Oak Alyn, Cefn Y Bedd said, “Having the iPads here at Oak Alyn have made a huge difference to the residents. We have had one resident who has been able to FaceTime both of their children, one living in Wrexham and the other in Hong Kong at the same time and have a 3 way conversation – this was really fantastic. Another resident was able to FaceTime their relative in Australia who they haven’t seen for 8 years – this was a really emotional call!!”

Katie Williams, Activity coordinator Lindan House Care Home, “What a difference this has made to the residents, as well as being able to keep in touch with their families we have also been able to download some activities on to the iPad that the residents can enjoy taking part in and they are thoroughly enjoying this, we have had one lady sing a long to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen!!”


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