In Wrexham the MacMillan end of life care facilitation team, BCUHB and Wrexham Council have facilitated a health led education programme, The Six Steps Palliative and End of Life Care Education Programme,  for staff in Nursing Homes.

It is important that individuals in care homes are able to have a say in their care choices and this education programme empowers staff to support individuals with dignity, sensitivity and compassion.


The Care Homes involved received their certificates for their organisations at a ceremony at the Guildhall recently.

Nursing homes play a vital role in the care of older people at the end of their life. they provide palliative care for 16% of the population, increasing to 30% of those aged over 85 years. It is therefore very important that the workforce is trained to deliver high quality evidence based care to patients who are coming to the end of their life.

“comfort and support”

Cllr Joan Lowe, Lead Member for Health and Adult Social Care, said:

“Sadly, we all must prepare at some point for the death of a loved one. To be able to talk with carers who are specially trained in this subject will be a comfort and support to those involved. I would like to thank those who delivered this programme for their dedication and sensitivity surrounding this very difficult subject and to the care homes that are embracing this education initiative.”

At the centre of the Six Steps programme is the nomination of staff in each care setting who will champion palliative and end of life care.

Life Care Champions award ceremony at Wrexham Guildhall

Care homes in Wrexham who took part in the training were Plas Rhosnesni, Cae Bryn, Highfield/Bryn Bella, Llangollen Fechan, Bodlondeb and Gwastad Hall.

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