Quite a few new changes are due to car parking at the Peoples Market.

Some of the changes have already been covered on this blog, but further details are now available.

A new ‘pay on foot’ system is to be introduced at the car park at the start of next week, meaning users will pay when returning to the car park, rather than before leaving.

As well as the new system, the changes will also see the introduction of ticket readers on the doors of the stairwells providing access to the car parks, which will improve security at the building.

Users will still be able to park in the car park for free after 3pm, but will still have to put their ticket in one of the pay machines to validate parking before they leave.


Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “These changes will be of great benefit to users of the Peoples Market car park, and the new system will help to improve security by ensuring only those who use the car park have access to the stairwells.

“Anyone who has a season pass and would like to change it for a new one should get in touch as soon as possible.”

For more details, see the FAQ below.

Will parking still be free after 3pm?

Yes, you will still be able to park in the car park free after 3pm. You will still need to put your ticket in one of the pay machines to validate the free parking before you leave.

Can I leave my ticket in the car?

No, you must make sure that you have your ticket on you at all times. We’ve introduced door readers, so you’ll need your ticket to make sure you can have access to the stairwells.

Can I come in and out of the car park on the same ticket?

No. You will need to make sure that before you drive from the car park you insert your ticket into the pay machines and pay for it, otherwise you’ll be stuck at the exit!

If you have a daily ticket unfortunately you won’t be able to come in and out of the car park throughout the day.

If you are someone who needs to come in and out of the car park, it might be easier to apply for a season pass. Season passes allow users to come in and out of the car park during the same day.

Are Blue Badge holders still entitled to free parking?

Yes, Blue Badge holders will still be entitled to free car parking. If a Blue Badge holder wants to leave the car park, they will need to head to Oriel Wrecsam on Chester Street (entrance to the South Arcade, People’s Market) to have their ticket validated in order to receive free parking.

If Oriel Wrecsam is closed, there is an intercom on the exit barrier. You will need to press this before leaving and a member of staff will help you.

Do I still need to display my Blue Badge?

Yes, you will still need to display your Blue Badge when parking in a disabled parking bay.

I have a season pass for the car park – how will my entry and exit work?

If you have a season pass for the car park, please make sure you contact peoplesmarketdevelopment@wrexham.gov.uk or call 01978 315404 before Monday, July 24 to ensure that a new pass can be sorted for you ready for the system to go live.

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