The world is ‘changing habits’ on plastic…are you on board?

“I think we’re all shifting our behaviour, I really do…”

This is what Sir David Attenborough said to the BBC in a recent interview, before adding, “I think we are changing our habits, and the world is waking up to what we’ve done to the planet.”

Plastic is certainly being talked about more than ever, with the issue of single-use plastics being of particular concern. Around the world, people are beginning to realise this more, and we want to play our part and take action.

It’s by cutting out as many of these single-use plastics as we can, and recycling and reusing our other plastics that we can make a real difference in Wrexham, but we need to all do this together.


What are single-use plastics?

Simply put, single-use plastics are stuff that tends to get used once and then thrown away. They’re not environmentally friendly and this throwaway nature is the worst attitude we can have when thinking about recycling.

One of the main ways you can get better at recycling is by cutting out single-use plastic and using biodegradable or re-usable options as much as possible.

Are you one of the people who has started ‘changing habits’? If you’re not on board yet, here’s some background to this massive issue.

Why plastic is a problem…

Quite simply, we’re becoming a plastic world…79% of all the plastic waste ever created has ended up in our environment (RecycleNow).

This is an extraordinary figure. Just think about it. Around only one fifth of plastics we’ve used on Earth no longer exist. The rest are still out there…yet plastic continues to be produced in mass volume.

Recycling plastic in Wrexham

In Wrexham, lots of plastic containers are recyclable…and many of these can be recycled in your green box/middle wheelie box. Take a look at our guide for more info.

Please give all of these items a quick wash in your used dishwater before you recycle them. You don’t need to spend ages doing this, but the items should be free from any food or drink residue when you recycle them.

This means that a much better quality of material is sent off to be recycled into new products, and your recyclables won’t contaminate the clean materials that have already been picked up by the recycling vehicle.

Our guide also shows that there’s many plastics that you can recycle at our three recycling centres in Wrexham. Familiarising ourselves with which plastics can or can’t be recycled is the only way we can make informed choices about the things we buy.

Let’s work together on this

We want to play our part in helping the planet overcome this problem, but it’s only by collectively working together in Wrexham that we can make a real difference.

Let’s all tackle this plastic problem together 🙂

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