These voting changes could affect the young people in your lives…make them aware

With our attention being focused elsewhere due to the current Covid-19 situation, it may have been easy to miss some important voting changes that were implemented recently.

Did you know that from June 1, even more young people living in Wales are now able take part in Senedd elections?


What are the changes?

Young persons from the age of 16 and qualified foreign citizens aged 16 or over will be able to take part in Senedd elections next year.

Additionally, the change in law will mean that 14-16 year-olds can also register to vote, with registration open now.

Both of these changes were a result of the Senedd and Elections (Wales) Act 2020.

The next Senedd election is due to be held on Thursday, May 6, 2021 to elect 60 members to Senedd Cymru – Welsh Parliament.

Caroline Bennett, Participation Coordinator, said: “These are some very welcome changes that will allow even more young people to have their say and shape their own futures by taking part in Senedd elections. Whilst it’s great news, it’s also really important that we all play our part to spread the message and make sure the young people in our lives are aware that they can get involved.

“So please let the young people in your lives know about the changes and encourage them to take part in the next elections. Whether you’re a parent, relative or teacher, we can all help to spread the word.”

To register to vote, go to

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