Bin collection round

Over the last few months, we’ve told you how we’re continuing to get better at recycling in Wrexham.

And while some of our recent figures have been encouraging, it’s definitely worth asking yourself, could I perhaps do a little bit more?

The images in this article are from a random black bin collection-round in Wrexham and they show examples of the waste we collected.

In these images, you can see plastic bottles, glass bottles, glass jars, aluminium cans and cardboard boxes, all of which could’ve been recycled at the kerbside.

You’ll also see things like a kettle and a selection of clothes which could’ve been taken to any of our recycling centres (clothing and shoes can be recycled in clear plastic bags at the kerbside too, but larger items such as bedding and curtains need to be taken to our recycling centres).

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport says: “While we’re getting better at recycling in Wrexham and there are so many households trying to do their bit, these pictures show there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

“It’s worrying to see the amounts of bottles, cans and jars that could be recycled still finding their way into people’s black bins.

“Every bit of recycling – no matter how small it seems – can add up over time and help make a difference. So before you throw something in the black bin, please ask yourself…‘can I recycle this?’”


25,610 tonnes

You may think the plastic bottles, cans, glass jars etc. that you’re putting in your black bin waste won’t make much difference in the grand scheme of things…

But we collected a whopping 25,610 tonnes of black bin waste for the period 2018/19 and a decent amount of this was stuff that could’ve been recycled at the kerbside.

Recyclable plastics, papers, cardboards and glass made up a large part of this figure and this is something we’ll need to try and address in Wrexham going forwards.

Mrs Jones…and Mr Smith…

If you fill your black bin with stuff that can be recycled, you’re probably not leaving yourself with enough room for your unrecyclable waste, plus it’s a good thing to have space in your black bin 🙂

There could be many reasons why some of these items find their way into your black bin waste…perhaps you didn’t fancy taking an item outside to your recycling box as it was quite late at night.

But frankly, every time you put something in your black bin that could be recycled, you aren’t the only one across Wrexham doing this…these pictures are from just one round and they show the extent of recyclables that are still finding their way into black bins.

The bottles, cans and jars you didn’t recycle are added to the ones Mrs Jones next door didn’t recycle, which are added to ones Mr Smith two-doors down didn’t recycle…you get the picture 😉

So next time you think that your one plastic bottle won’t make a difference, try to see the bigger picture…if we all take responsibility for our own recycling, then Wrexham can claim it’s doing its bit for the environment 🙂

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