Guest Article –  Gill Harris – Executive Director of Integrated Clinical Delivery

To date, we’ve administered a booster jab to 78 per cent of eligible adults, putting us slightly ahead of the Welsh average.

Despite this success, there are still around 100,000 people eligible for a booster who have yet to come forward. I urge these people to remember that two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine do not offer strong protection against symptomatic infection from the Omicron variant. A booster jab will build your antibodies – providing up to 70 per cent protection.

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We will be texting everyone eligible for a first, second or booster dose to encourage them to attend any of our drop in clinics as soon as possible. Those who come forward in the coming days will experience very minimal queueing – so could be vaccinated in as little as five minutes.

We know that many people aren’t currently able to have their vaccine because they have COVID-19 or they have tested positive within the last 28 days. We encourage these people to attend our drop in clinics as soon as their 28 day period following a positive test has ended.

Reduced second dose interval for those aged 12-17

We’ve reduced the minimum second dose interval for those aged 12-17 from 12 to 8 weeks, in light of the high incidence of Omicron in our communities. This is consistent with advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and has been agreed at a national level.

If you are aged 12-17 and it has been eight weeks since your first dose of the COVID vaccine, please don’t wait for an appointment invitation for your second dose. Please visit our webpage to find details of drop in clinics that are offering vaccination to this age group and come forward as soon as you are eligible.

Vaccinating 5-11 year olds in clinical risk groups or who are a household contact of someone who is immunosuppressed

On 22 December 2021, the JCVI recommended offering two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to 5-11 year olds in clinical risk groups and those who are a household contact of someone who is immunosuppressed.

We expect to begin offering vaccination to this small group of children from 22 January, once further information has been received on the required dosage.

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