Wrexham Council Community Support Work

There are some great people in our local community…

And for a number of reasons, they might not be able to do the things they enjoy doing…they need a bit of help and support along the way.

So where do I come in?

If you have a few hours spare each week, you could use them to become a self-employed support worker in our Community Support Team.

And if you’re thinking you don’t have enough experience…it’s alright, we’ll train you!

And if you don’t drive, that’s ok too. We prefer people to use public transport anyway.

What you do need, is great commitment and a caring nature.


What would I have to do?

As a support worker, you’ll help elderly or disabled people access their community. You’ll help them to remain independent, so that their lives are based around the things that matter to them.

This can include leisure activities, further education or helping them get back in touch with old friends.

The perfect match?

What’s great about this job, is that we’ll try to match carers with people of similar hobbies and interests. So in theory, the things you’ll be doing together are things you’ll both enjoy.

So it’s a few hours a week?

The post is self-employed…you can control how many hours you work! Whether that’s three hours per week or 37…it’s your choice.

To give you an even better idea of the type of people you would be helping, here’s a small case study on Mrs P…

Mrs P

Mrs P was first referred to us in 2015. She’s 87 years’ old, lives with Alzheimer’s and was lonely.

Giving up her car and driving licence made it difficult for her to get out and about independently.

She used to enjoy painting, dancing, cross-stitch and gardening…but at this point she wasn’t doing much other than watching TV by herself.

So we found a carer who could spend two three-hour sessions with her every week. This allows her to enjoy community activities and meet other people…helping to address the loneliness that was making her more anxious.

Now, her confidence has grown and her anxiety levels have dropped.

After just a few weeks, you could see the difference…her face lit-up when she talked about the support she was getting.

This has also lessened the pressure on Mrs P’s daughter.

I’m interested…how do I find out more?

Call Lynette Lewis on 01978 298424 or email our Community Support Team.
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