If you haven’t eaten at Wrexham Museum’s Courtyard Cafe yet then this is the perfect excuse to go and check it out!

They’ve created a dreamy dessert to enter into the North East Wales Year of Discovery food challenge 2019.

The dessert, simply called Heaven on Earth, is a taste sensation of sensually spiced honeyed chocolate complimented by a crisp citrus orange twist and accompanied by the creamy sensations of espresso frappe ice cream and fresh fruit.

It’s exquisitely finished with beautiful edible flower.


A celebration of local food

The North East Wales Year of Discovery Food Challenge is all about celebrating and raising awareness of the amazing food scene we have in our local area.

To reflect this, Heaven on Earth has been created using a combination of finest local ingredients.

Visitors can discover Eat My Flowers in the Dee Valley where the edible flowers are grown on a family farm dating back to 1865.

Celtic Honey Smith produces pure honey straight from hive to jar collected from our very own Welsh bees!

You can now visit the Chilly Cow Ice Cream cow shed in Ruthin. A new on site parlour on the farm produces the ice cream from their own milk. Espresso frappe was the flavour of choice for the dessert.

The chocolate comes from Aballu Artisan Chocolatier, situated in the beautiful historic building that is the Cocoa Rooms in Rossett. Built in 1881.

Finally, the fresh zingy citrus flavour in the dessert comes from the orange marmalade and orange curd supplied to us by Mrs Picklepot who make their award winning produce near Wrexham.

‘Heaven on Earth’ is now available for you to try yourself at our Courtyard Café and a selection of products from the suppliers is available in our shop.

The closing date for 2019 nursery school applications is February 22