We are again asking residents to be cautious about strangers turning up on your doorstep offering fish or other goods for sale.

The goods are often being sold by organised criminals who are pretending to be legitimate traders and are targeting vulnerable residents across the region with high pressure sales tactics. They are even using threats and intimidation and selling mislabelled, out of date and grossly overpriced and unknown varieties of pre-packed fish, in many cases offering to put them straight into your freezer.


Rebecca Pomeroy, Food and Farming Lead in Wrexham Council’s Public Protection Service, said: “Residents should follow these three simple steps:

If in doubt keep them out, don’t let anyone pressure you into opening your door, if you don’t open the door they will go away.

Be prepared and never be embarrassed to say “NO” to any doorstep cold callers, you have the right to tell unwanted callers to go away.

Contact a local relative, neighbour or friend if you think someone is a rogue trader, call 101 or contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506 (English) 03454 040505 (Welsh).

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