We’re warning people to take care when using taxis following reports of a bogus driver out there. Police are aware and are investigating.

The only way that a private hire vehicle is legitimate if it is licensed by the Council and is pre-booked through a private hire company. It is illegal for a private hire vehicle to accept custom after being hailed down in the street. Only Wrexham licensed Hackney Carriages (‘Black cabs’) are allowed to ‘ply for hire’ for business in the street. The Licensing Section, in partnership with North Wales Police, work actively to combat unlicensed taxis and any report of such activity should be reported to them immediately.


A licensed private hire vehicle will display licence plates on the vehicle and the driver will wear an ID badge and display a copy in the windscreen. All private hire vehicles in Wrexham display distinctive yellow stickers on the rear passenger windows. All licensed drivers will have been DBS Checked for Criminal Records and DVLA motoring convictions.

A licensed Hackney Carriage will display a rear plate and an illuminated roof sign displaying the word ‘TAXI’.

To enjoy a safe journey, here are some helpful tips:

• PRE BOOK- Plan ahead and always pre-book through a licensed operator, alternatively use one of the Hackney ranks in the town centre.

• CHECK THE DETAILS- Ask for details of the car when making the booking and make sure that the driver knows the destination and the name it was booked under, when it arrives.

• CHECK THE PLATES- Make sure that the vehicle is plated with private hire licence plates on the front and rear of the vehicle. Private hire plates are white, Hackney plates are purple and on the rear only.

• ASK FOR ID- Ask to see the driver’s ID badge. He or she is obliged to wear this badge in such a manner as to be distinctly visible. There is no reason a driver should refuse to show this to the customer and they must have it in their possession to carry out licensed journeys.

• Do not give any personal details to the driver, other than what is needed to get to the destination.

If you suspect that someone is acting as an unlicensed taxi, you can report this to the Licensing Section on 01978 315786, alternatively contact the Police on 101. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

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