Today, we launched our pledge to all children in care and care leavers. This pledge of promises is to all Wrexham’s young people in care and has been written with the young people’s care council.

All adults who work with you will ensure that the pledge really is what happens – if it doesn’t tell us!

The pledge sets out the expectations to Wrexham County Borough Council to provide a high level of provision of care, support and opportunities for children and young people.


What does the pledge include?

Here are some of the promises included in our pledge:

  • We will help you to stay safe and be there for you when you need us.
  • We will help you live a healthy life both physically and mentally.
  • We will give you a consistent place to live, where you feel safe and cared about.
  • We will treat you in a friendly and respectful way to respect your confidentiality and privacy.
  • We will give you different ways to have your voice heard. We will listen and take your views seriously. We will help you deal with your problems.
  • We will tell you about everything you are entitled to, in a clear and open way.

You can view the full pledge for over 11s here and for under 11s here.

How will we measure if the pledge is successful?

All children who enter our care system will be given a copy of our pledges to them. If children in care feel that we are not delivering on our promises, they can tell us and we are working towards purchasing an app to enable them to do so easily. The pledge will allow children and young people to hold us responsible for their care and wellbeing.

Children and young people should have high expectations of Wrexham County Borough Council to be good parents to them.

All of our social care workers, officers and lead members will be aware of the pledges and they will shape the way they work with children and young people in Wrexham.

“We need to ensure all of our promises are kept”

Cllr Andrew Atkinson, lead member for children’s services said, “The pledge is our commitment to being a good parent for the children and young people who are looked after or care leavers of the local authority. It sets out the expectations of us to provide a high level of provision of care support and opportunities for young people.

We need to ensure all of our promises are kept and if any children or young people think that we are not fulfilling our promises then they need to tell us. We will listen.”

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For more information about our social care services and our pledge please visit our website.

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