welcome to your vote

Welcome to Your Vote Day is March 10 and the Electoral Commission is asking charities and public sector organisations to help them raise awareness.

The Electoral Commission is running Welcome to Your Vote Day to raise awareness about the right to vote amongst recently-enfranchised qualifying foreign citizens in Wales.

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They’re encouraging charities and public sector organisations to run voter information sessions, ahead of the council elections on May 5, using their new resources for qualifying foreign citizens, which include an FAQ in various languages and facilitator guide. They’ve also published a communications pack that you can use to spread the word across your channels, alongside our ‘Welcome to Your Vote’ digital resources.

All the resources are available on the Electoral Commission’s website. Please share these with colleagues and organisations in your local area. If you have your own events or activities planned for the day, let us know by using the hashtags #WelcomeToYourVoteDay.

If you would like further information about the campaign please email infowales@electoralcommission.org.uk.

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